Glass Protection

Introducing Glass Protection: Your Ultimate During-Construction Glass Protection Solution

Are you undertaking a major construction project, a remodel, or a pool installation? Protecting your windows during these processes is crucial to ensure they remain flawless. That’s where our Advanced Glass Shield service comes in.

Tailored for construction scenarios, our state-of-the-art protection system safeguards your windows from potential damage like construction dings, pitting, chipping, and even welding or grinding slag. We utilize the innovative Skudo Glass Advanced, a cutting-edge product designed to create an invisible shield that preserves the integrity of your windows.

Key Benefits of Our Glass Protection Service:

Uncompromised Protection

Our Glass Protection provides a robust defense against various construction-related risks, such as dings, pitting, chipping, and slag from welding or grinding. Your windows will be shielded from potential damage, ensuring they emerge from the construction process unscathed.


Investing in our Glass Protection is a cost-effective way to prevent costly damage to your windows. Repairing or replacing windows can be expensive, making our protection service a wise financial decision.

Efficiency and Convenience

Our process is efficient and hassle-free. We apply the protective layer with precision, remove it seamlessly after construction, and conduct a final inspection to ensure your windows are in optimal condition.

Long-Lasting Preservation

The effects of construction can be long-lasting, but so is our protection. Our Glass Protection ensures your windows remain impeccable, preserving their value and appeal for years to come.

Expertise and Reliability

With our skilled team, you can trust in our expertise. We are committed to delivering reliable and outstanding results, giving you peace of mind during the construction process.

Our Glass Protection service is not just about protection; it's about peace of mind. While we use the remarkable Skudo Glass Advanced product, we're dedicated to delivering results rather than just promoting a brand. Your satisfaction and the well-being of your windows are our top priorities.

What is Glass Protection, and how does it work?

Glass Protection is a specialized service designed to shield your windows during construction from potential damage such as scratches, pitting, chipping, and slag. We apply a protective coating that acts as a barrier, safeguarding your windows while construction activities take place.

Is Glass Protection suitable for both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, Glass Protection is versatile and can be applied to windows in both residential and commercial settings. Whether you're remodeling your home or undertaking a large construction project, our service is tailored to your needs.

How long does the glass protection installation process take?

The installation time varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. Our team will provide you with an estimated timeline during the initial consultation.

Is the protective coating applied directly to the glass?

Yes, our protective coating is applied directly to the glass surface. It forms an invisible barrier that provides comprehensive protection without affecting the transparency of your windows.

Can Glass Protection be applied to different types of glass, such as tinted or decorative glass?

Yes, Glass Protection can be applied to various types of glass, including clear, tinted, and decorative glass. Our solution is versatile and adaptable to different glass surfaces.

Is the protective coating easy to remove after construction is completed?

Yes, removing the protective coating is a straightforward process. Our team will carefully peel off the protective layer, leaving your windows unharmed and pristine.

Will the protective coating leave any residue or damage on the glass after removal?

No, the protective coating is designed to be residue-free and will not damage the glass surface upon removal. Your windows will be returned to their original condition.

Can Glass Protection prevent all types of construction-related damage?

Glass Protection provides a high level of defense against common construction hazards, such as scratches, pitting, chipping, and slag. While it offers substantial protection, extreme impacts or accidents may still cause damage.

Can Glass Protection be combined with other window services, such as window films or tints?

Yes, Glass Protection can be combined with other window services. However, it's important to note that Glass Protection specifically addresses construction-related protection, while window films or tints offer different benefits like privacy, UV protection, and aesthetics.

Protect your investment and maintain the integrity of your windows with our Advanced Glass Shield service. Contact us today to learn more about how our advanced protection can make a difference during your construction project.