Lion Habitat Ranch is a wonderful place to take the family to see some beautiful animals. They have a lot of great things to offer including behind-the-scenes tours and feeding experiences. It’s a must-see for Las Vegas Locals and tourists alike!

Owner Keith Evans is requesting donations to continue caring for his animals. But he says he won’t be deceiving people with his fundraising pitch. He told the Nevada Current that canned hunts of lions are illegal. Get more info.


The Lion Habitat Ranch is a great place to see lions in their natural habitat. This sanctuary also has giraffes, ostriches, and other animals. It also offers a variety of activities and tours. For example, you can feed Ozzie the giraffe or take a behind-the-scenes tour of the habitat. It is also possible to hold private events at the facility.

The staff at the Lion Habitat Ranch is dedicated to ensuring the lions are happy and well-fed. They are constantly making improvements to the habitats to give the lions the best lives possible. They also work with organizations that advocate for wild lion conservation.

The Lion Habitat Ranch is a popular attraction for families and animal lovers. It is located in Henderson, about 20 minutes south of the Las Vegas Strip. The general admission ticket includes up-close views of the lions in their natural habitats, as well as a chance to see exotic birds and animals.


Unlike many roadside zoos, Lion Habitat Ranch is committed to giving its namesake kings of the jungle safe living quarters and educating the public about their natural habitat. They also make constant improvements to their lion habitats and offer a number of specialty experiences, including behind-the-scenes tours and intimate feeding sessions for an additional fee.

The lions here are very well cared for and the staff is knowledgeable. They have a number of giraffes, ostriches, and exotic birds that are fun to watch. There is also a lot of stuff for the kids to do.

Keith Evans is breeding his big cats to offer a steady supply of cubs for photo opportunities. While this helps him increase revenue, it is not in the best interest of the animals. Furthermore, he treats his cubs like dogs rather than the wild animals they are. The Commission is attempting to revoke his permit and we the people support this action. Explore more!


The Lion Habitat Ranch is a unique and beautiful habitat that houses lions (and Ozzie, the giraffe). Visitors can come to learn about these majestic animals and explore their natural environment. They can also purchase some special gifts to take home, like a piece of art from Ozzie or a souvenir from the gift shop.

The facility offers a variety of tours and experiences, from behind-the-scenes to lunch with a lion! All ticket prices help to fund the sanctuary and its work. Additionally, the staff is committed to educating people about African lions and their habitats. They are working with Conservation International in Kenya, the Campaign Against Canned Hunting, and SanWild.

The best time of year to visit the Lion Habitat Ranch is in the winter when the temperatures are much cooler. This makes the experience more comfortable for both you and the lions. Moreover, tickets are generally cheaper in the winter than during the summer, as Las Vegas is less popular at this time.


The Lion Habitat Ranch is a non-profit organization that supports a variety of projects that help protect wild lions. Its funding comes from general admission fees and a variety of experiences and tours. The lion habitat is a great place to visit for nature lovers. It offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the magnificent Kings of the Jungle up close and personal. It also encourages guests to ask questions and take plenty of pictures.

There are 31 big cats that reside in the Lion Habitat, along with a giraffe and other animals. Guests can also get a closer look at the animals by taking a Behind the Scenes tour. During this tour, professional trainers will answer your burning questions.

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