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Desert Vista Window Washing

We specializes in trustworthy, high quality residential window washing.  With over 15 years in the business, I first learned the trade in California where my father ran his own small carpet and window cleaning company for 40 years.  Now, having relocated to Las Vegas in 2013 I have started my own small business.  I know the importance of trusting someone to work inside and around your home.  I provide trustworthy, reliable and high quality window washing for your home or small office.  Everytime.  No exceptions.

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Dalan Faulkner

Desert Vista Cleaner

Stevie Gallardo

Desert Vista Cleaner

Carmen Allfrey

Desert Vista Manager

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Our Cleaning Services

Window Washing

Experience the joy of sparkling, streak-free windows that enhance your view. Discover how our professional service brings out the true radiance of your windows.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Maximize energy production and prolong panel lifespan. Explore the benefits of clean and efficient solar panels with our specialized cleaning service.

Window + Solar Screen Installation

The elements are harsh on our window screens in Las Vegas. Desert Vista can help replace these with industry leading, innovative new, flexible and durable window screens.  We also do Solar Screens and can protect against Turf Burn on artificial grass.

Window Films + Tints

Transform your windows with privacy, glare reduction, and heat control. Explore our stylish film options that protect your interiors from harmful UV rays.

Glass Protection

Doing Construction? A remodel? A pool installation?  It is sadly too often that we see damaged glass during these routine home improvements. Desert Vista can help you protect your windows during construction, especially during pool installations!

Glass Restoration

Restore the brilliance of your glass surfaces. Say goodbye to scratches, damages, and mineral deposits. Explore our expert restoration services for stunning results.

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We Offer Exceptional Window Washing and Solar Panel Cleaning Solutions

Desert Vista Window Washing FAQs

When it comes to residential window cleaning, it is generally recommended that you have a professional window cleaning service come to your house at least twice per year. However, the exact frequency of window cleanings depends on a variety of factors. For example, if you live in an area with intense weather conditions – such as windy or humid climates – it may be necessary to have them cleaned more often.

Additionally, the type of windows that are in your home and their condition will affect how often they should be cleaned. Windows with dirtier frames or those with stains can require additional cleansings throughout the year. If there is dust build-up around your windows or screens that need replacing due to damage caused by animals or other external elements, then having them professionally cleaned more frequently may be beneficial over time for maintaining aesthetic appeal and quality upkeep.

This answer was provided by McCormmicks Window Cleaning!

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Customer Testimonials

Dalan Faulkner

Desert Vista Cleaner

Dalan Faulkner came to Desert Vista after testing numerous jobs in the construction industry. Originally from Dallas, Texas he brings a hard working attitude that’s hard to find. After working long, late hours with heavy machinery he knew what he didn’t want to do! The calm, fluid silence of window cleaning proved just up his alley. With a strong attention to detail and an incredibly positive attitude he fit right into the small team of David & Carmen. We like to tease Dalan that working for Desert Vista is the most rigorous training process he will ever undergo in the workplace, spending a full year working with David before stepping out on his own solo window cleaning jobs.

Dalan is a kind, trustworthy and reliable leader, and with a shared passion for outdoor activities, especially rock climbing, he fits right in. He is an accomplished climber and talented athlete, allowing him to push right through our hard work days. His humble and honest attitude would never give up his incredible skills out climbing. We have been proud of his dedication and hard work at Desert Vista!

Stevie Gallardo

Desert Vista Cleaner

He is the newest member of our team.  Also originally from Dallas, Texas and a long time friend of Dalan, Stevie fled the Lonestar state in search of world class rock climbing.  A hard working young man Stevie joined Desert Vista Holiday Lights and proved himself to be just the type of person we want to spend too much time with!  Polite, kind and courteous, we knew right away that Stevie would be an excellent member of our team.  In this profession, where we find ourselves inside hundreds of homes we demand the highest level of respect and trust, from the beginning it was clear that Stevie is exactly who we want working with us. 

Carmen Allfrey

Desert Vista Manager

As phones rang and taxes were due Carmen quickly saw ways that she could help David improve Desert Vista.  First managing the phones, but with no stopping her involvement from there, she has stepped into being an integral part of our small business.  Carmen splits her time between a career of her own as a Speech and Language Pathologist and helping with Desert Vista Window Washing, Desert Vista Holiday lights and Las Vegas Wedding Lights and being a mom!  We do tend to keep full plates around here!  Married to David since 2018 but together since 2007, Carmen and David have worked hard for both a healthy family relationship and also a successful business partnership.