Sunset Park is an open-air escape and wildlife refuge that nurtures a love of the desert. The 324-acre community park caters to people playing volleyball, baseball, and softball; hosting children’s birthday parties; taking on the disc golf course, or strolling around a lake.

The Dunes Discovery Area at the south end of the park has shade, food, and water, making it a hospitable spot for jackrabbits, cottontails, and Gambel’s quail. This is a fantastic article to read.

Sports Facilities

With its volleyball and basketball courts, sports fields, disc golf course, walking and jogging trails, and a lake, Sunset Park provides a wide range of sporting activities. The sprawling 324-acre facility is considered the crown jewel of Clark County parks and attracts people of all ages.

Visitors can take a scenic walk around the pond, which is home to ducks and geese. The area also boasts a variety of plant species and is a haven for wildlife lovers. However, it’s important to keep in mind that feeding animals can be harmful.

Visitors can also enjoy a picnic in the shaded picnic areas at the park. It’s best to bring food and drinks and clean up after yourself to maintain the cleanliness of the area.

Walking Trails

The 324-acre park boasts numerous playgrounds, picturesque walking trails, and a refreshing splash pad. The park also has tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts, a disc golf course, softball fields, and group and individual shaded picnic areas. In addition, the area features a scenic lake and pond that is a popular destination for locals to fish, stroll around, or admire the beautiful wildlife.

Those who prefer to get some exercise on foot will enjoy the park’s paved running paths. These paths are free from vehicular traffic, making them ideal for runners of all abilities. For a more challenging run, visitors can head to Buckskin Cliff Shadows, which offers stunning views of Redrock Canyon and bold-colored wildflowers (depending on the season). This trail is a true trail runner’s paradise! Discover more exciting places here.

Wildlife Species

While some people think of Sunset Park as a traditional urban park with ball fields, playgrounds, and a fishing pond, the park has much more to offer. The 324-acre park is the crown jewel of Clark County’s system and has served the valley since 1967.

The park is full of desert wildlife and features walking trails that traverse natural dunes, mesquite thickets, and sand dune fields. Gambel’s quail, shy ground birds with a feather tapestry and question mark-like head plume, are often seen in coveys on walks around the Desert Dunes Area. Black-tailed jackrabbits and the park’s namesake, the large stone Moai (like those found on Easter Island in Chile), are also frequently spotted. Year-round fishing is available at the pond, which is regularly stocked with rainbow trout and channel catfish by the Nevada Department of Fish and Wildlife.


The park offers a variety of amenities for visitors to enjoy. Some of these include dog parks, picnic areas, and playgrounds. Additionally, the park features walking trails that explore the natural sand dunes and mesquite forests.

The trails feature paved paths close to the lake and packed dirt paths farther from it. These options ensure that visitors can experience the park with ease regardless of their fitness level.

Other amenities include sports facilities and an event calendar that offers a variety of activities for visitors to participate in. The park also provides wheelchair-accessible restrooms to accommodate visitors with special needs. The park’s convenient location and well-maintained facilities make it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Many visitors also comment on the staff’s friendly and helpful attitude.


Keeping the park clean and safe is a top priority at Sunset Park. Visitors are encouraged to take necessary safety precautions, such as avoiding areas with dense vegetation and observing animal behavior. Additionally, it is important to keep dogs on leashes and to clean up after them at all times.

Clark County Parks and Recreation staff rely on volunteers to keep Sunset Park running smoothly. Liz Poole, who volunteers well beyond the required minimum hours, says she loves interacting with visitors at the park.

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